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"We all know Wendy Whitley shot that man. Everyone knows it. And after this week, we’ve seen it on video ten different ways. What we all want to know is what the sam hell that girl was thinking when she did it." Like most people, Judy is glued to the televised trial every day to figure out the answer to that question.

Her best friend, Charlotte, on the other hand, doubts that they’ll learn Whitley’s real story. That’s just the way it is with powerful people.

Charlotte’s more disturbed that her neighbors, the Kumar’s, haven’t returned home at all this week. Worry for them is in the forefront of Charlotte’s mind until she comes across some of Judy’s old family pictures. Someone in one of the forty year-old photos is disturbingly familiar. This clue quickly leads to a store of mysteries that prove fascinating but too dangerous to pursue.

While checking on the Kumar’s home, however, Charlotte comes across something in their basement that could link everything together: the Kumar’s disappearance, Judy’s family photos, and the missing history of Wendy Whitley.

Waterworld, Volume 2: Charlotte

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