Ready for another adventure? Grab the 4th volume of Waterworld this Valentine's Day, February 14!

The first 100 people to purchase Waterworld, Volume 4: Sariah, will get an autographed copy for 25% off!


Series book bundle available 02/14 - 02/21 for a promo price: Get the whole combo (all 9 books) for $100



Now is YOUR chance to be a voice actor! Work with voices such as Todd Haberkorn, Cherami Leigh, Brittney Karbowski, and David Wald.

To celebrate the release of Sariah (Waterworld, Vol. 4) on Valentines Day; we are going to hold auditions for the Shadoworld Audiobook (due out in December). The full audition rules are below (scroll down)!

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  1. Auditions must be posted on Social Media by Monday, March 7th, 2022

  2. Have a copy of Shadoworld (Book 4 of the Colorworld Series) 

  3. Find the part at the end of Chapter 37 that starts “Hello. Jessica tells me you had some questions about our fresco." and ends "I’d rather not give you his phone number, but I can give you an address. You can write him and ask about it.”

  4. More part info: The part, Mr. (or Mrs.) Lombardi to be read by either male or female AS a male or a female. Mr. (or Mrs.) Lombardi is a restaurant owner, over the age of 50 in San Diego, California. Wendy is there at his restaurant seeking information about a fresco painting he has on one of his walls. It turns out Lombardi has met Carl, Wendy's father, and that Carl is the reason the fresco is still around. Lombardi gives Wendy a huge clue that enables her to find Carl. 

  5. Prepare for the audition: practice, listen to the other audiobooks, read Shadoworld, record yourself with multiple takes.

  6. Post a video of your BEST take with the following in the text:

    • Post to either Instagram (MUST tag @colorworldbooks), Facebook (MUST tag @colorworldbooks), Twitter (MUST tag @colorworldbooks), or TikTok (MUST tag @colorworldlive)

    • Mention your excitement for the Shadoworld Audiobook and the Sariah Book release.

    • Must include hashtags: #Colorworld #ColorworldAudition #Sariah #BookSeries

    • Only one entry allowed per person. Please do not post the same audition on multiple platforms. Simply pick your favorite (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok), @mention us, use the correct #hashtags, and post!

  7. DO NOT email or direct message the audition. Auditions that are send in direct/ private message or email will not be reviewed.

  8. Have fun, put your take on it, and good luck!