2017 Tour Dates

January 6-8 / Sacramento, CA


January 14-15 / Pomona, CA and Albuquerque, NM

Anime Impulse

February 4th / Statesville, NC

Statesville Comic Con

February 17th – 19th / Milwaukee, WI

Anime Milwaukee

February 24th – 26th / Branson, MO and Fargo, ND


Fargo-Moorhead Comicon

March 11th & 12th / New York City, NY

Big Apple Con

March 17th – 19th / Raleigh, NC and Salt Lake City, UT

Oak City Comic Con

Salt Lake FanX

March 24th – 26th / Columbia, SC

SC Comic Con

March 31st – April 2nd / Dallas, TX 

FanExpo Dallas

April 6-9 / Houston, TX and Pittsburgh, PA

Anime Matsuri

Tekko Con

April 14th – 16th / Indianapolis, IN

Indiana Comic Con

April 21-23 / San Jose, CA and Chicago, IL

Silicon Valley Comic Con


April 28th – 30th / Kansas City, MO and Secacus, NJ and Lancaster, PA

Planet Comic Con

East Coast Comic Con


April 31-May2 / Boston, MA

Anime Boston

May 12th – 14th / St. Louis, MO

Anime St. Louis

May 19th – 21st / Rosemont, IL and Buffalo, NY

Anime Central (ACEN)

Nickle City Con

May 26th – 28th /  San Antonio, TX and Atlanta, GA and Minneapolis, MN

Alamo City Comic Con



June 9th – 11th / Orlando, FL

Anime Festival Orlando (AFO)

June 16th – 18th / Charlotte, NC and Washington, D. C.



June 23rd – 25th /Wichita, KS and San Antonio, TX

Anime Festival Wichita (AFW)

Texas Comic Con

July 1st – 4th / Los Angeles, CA

Anime Expo

July 7th – 9th / Indianapolis, IN and Paris, Fance

Indy PopCon


Japan Expo Paris

July 14th – July 16th / Raleigh, NC

Raleigh SuperCon

July 27th – July 30th / Ft. Lauderdale, FL and St. Louis, MO and Fort Wayne, IN

Florida SuperCon



August 4th – 6th / Boston, MA

Boston Comic Con

August 11th-13th / Washington, DC


August 24th – 27th / Rosemont, IL and Columbus, OH

Wizard World Chicago


September 1st – 3rd / Minneapolis, MN and San Antonio, TX

MetaCon Minneapolis

San Japan

September 9th & 10th / Portland, OR and Sidney, Australia

Rose City Comic Con

Oz Comic Con Sidney

September 17th & September 18th / Brisbane, Australia

Oz Comic Con Brisbane

September 22nd – 24th / Cincinnati, OH and Baltimore, MD

Cincinnati Comic Expo

Baltimore Comic Con

September 28th – October 1st. / Atlanta, GA

Anime Weekend Atlanta (AWA)

September 1st – September 3rd / San Francisco, CA

San Francisco Comic Con

October 20th-22nd / Grand Rapids, MI

Grand Rapids Comic Con

++Shows done by Evert Custa, from #TeamCardz!++